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Custom monograming software, includes 55 scalable fonts (with the option to buy/use many more). Create fun, unique monograms with the many styles included, in 5 different layers to work with. Monograms can be saved in PES, DST, JEF and JEF+.

The CD must be in your drive while using the MWP. This program only works on Windows computers (or a MAC with a Windows Emulator program). For more information, visit

Monogram Wizard Plus

Monogram Wizard Plus and other Needleheads Products



Sorry, we are unable to take returns on software that has been opened. If you are having trouble with your software, please contact us, or Needleheads, for assistance.

Monogram Wizard Plus Tutorial CD

Computer CD-ROM tutorial includes screen shots, videos, and audio.  This tutorial covers the entire Monogram Wizard Plus program with detailed explanations of the tools and features.  Includes over 50 different combinations of monograms and motifs with details on how to recreate the various styles. Hints, tips, and solutions are all included in this tutorial.

Installs directly into your MWP, and has many great features, such as the ability to import external designs (DST, EXP, SEW, JEF, and PES) to combine with your monograms. Also, click and drag your monograms to your desired location, as well as flip/rotate your created designs.

Once the CD is installed you will not need it again to use with your MWP (save the CD and packing, however). Not compatible with original MW or MWP Janome Edition.

Extended Features