Drawing / vector artwork:
~Vector drawing tools to create your own artwork - from scratch or by tracing a background image.
~3 types of Auto Trace
Magic Wand: vectorize Lines
Magic Wand: vectorize shapes (Autodigitizing)
~Outline wizard: vectorize an image
~New in V3: Simplify Smoothen to perfect the result of the Auto Trace functions.
~Autoshapes: Circle, Rectangle, Pentagon, Triangle, Hexagon and Spiral maker. New in V3: Rounded rectangle: negative values create inside corners.
~Power Copy: select an object and automatically keep pasting in various sizes. Great to use in meandering designs and for so called P2P (point to Point) triangular designs.
~The Library contains more than 500 vector artwork designs. A valuable start to create quilting and embroidery designs. You can save your own design elements in the Library too for easy access of frequently used patterns.
~Transform: several ways to transform artwork and stitch based designs, 10 envelope shapes, a free distort function and a fun "distortion" to turn designs into zigzaggy or wavy patterns or into a sphere.
~Import artwork from popular vector applications: Import Ai, WMF, EMF (for example EMF’s exported from Pre-Design Studio or from ElectricQuilt).
~Export vector artwork as Ai Adobe Illustrator, WMF, EMF format.
~Easy and advanced editing by moving points / anchors. New in V3: press H to togle between normal view and hairlines view in Reshape mode.
~With the "Free Distort" function you can squeeze a design into a not so perfectly pieced block.
~Create a wreath with the Magic Circle. New in V3: Dialog windows of Magic tools  be resized, for better precision.
~Or use the Magic Square to automatically copy, paste, flip and mirror 1 element into a block of 4.
~Let the Magic Rays tool put rays around a simple closed shape.
~Use the Repeat function to create pantos / E2E’s and to see how patterns form a secondary pattern when repeated. Print designs (pantos) at actual size.
~New in V3: Interlocking Preview to see where details need to be added for a nice design.
~Type notes on the Design Page (great for instructions, class handouts, pantos).
~Turn True Type Fonts into vector artwork.
~With the Design on Path function you can let your patterns follow a path. You can create your own paths too.
~New in V3: easy Slice method and function Add Seam allowance: this makes Art and Stitch an allrounder :) Make your own patchwork templates for piecing! 

Apply Stitches:
~Fill shapes with Motifs - more than 300 patterns to choose from. It's a wonderful alternative for stippling. It is even comparable to the micro stippling of quilt artists.

~Or use Motifs to lines and curves. New in V3: Apply the new Sashiko motif to straight lines for an unbelievale result - like it was hand stitched!
~Apply various types of (cross) hatching.
~Our Creative Fill function is really addictive: create many designs in seconds.
~Apply stippling to fill a closed shape. Different settings, from traditional random stippling to a modern type stippling.
~Create and save your own Creative Fills, Custom Shapes, Motif stitches.
~Use Motif, Hatch or Stipple fills around a shape, leaving the shape itself open. Great for trapunto effects or to go around applique or embroidery in a quilt.
~Create Applique designs in seconds. Use various stitch types, including Motifs for applique. Not only for embroidery machines, but also for longarm systems! Open applique fabric to see how the finished design will look. New in V3: AccuQuilt Go shapes included in the Library, as vector artwork in True Size!
~Create Crazy Patchwork using the many available Motif stitches as outline stitch.
~Create Blackwork patterns with the built in blackwork motifs: small for embroidery patterns and yes, large is really fun on a quilt!
~Apply echo effect around a shape. New in V3: geometric echo allows negative values, to fill the shape.

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Vector Based Designing: true vector drawing tools (pen, line, curve, bezier, 3 pt arc) make it easy to draw your own artwork by clicking from point to point, right-click to finish.

The advantage of vector based designing is not only the ease of drawing (clicking from point to point) but also the ease of editing (simply reshape by moving points / anchors) and the high quality: vector based designs can be scaled without limits and will have nice smooth outlines.

Short learning curve: the user friendly toolbars, organized in sets of tools belonging together make the software intuitive. Hover the mouse over a button and a tooltip will show the name, function and how to use the button. The User Guide is inside the program and tutorial videos can be found on the Art and Stitch Academy website.

$1,680 + Free Shipping

Art and Stitch PLUS Digitizing Software

​Digitizing software for machine embroiderers and longarm quilters.

~Export as solid color image, the perfect quality that makes digitizing in embroidery digitizing software quicker and easier.
~Convert to Stitches - choice of different line sew types and applique. Copy the result on a USB thumb drive, insert into your embroidery machine and stitch the redwork, quilt or applique design.
~Export as quiltformat (DXF and 6 other formats) for your computerized longarm system.
~Print at actual size to create your own paper panto rolls for your longarm quilt machine.
~Pre-Design Studio is also a great help with garment pattern drafting: trace and resize a scale pattern, or draft your own garment patterns, print at true size, create scale patterns "1 square = 1 inch". Several line styles (dashed, dash-dot).
~Export SVG, the popular vector graphics format used by manyelectronic cutting machines. Our SVG can also be used on the Brother Scan N Cut online canvas.
~Import SVG. There are several drawing apps for tabletssuch as iDraw for the iPad. Draw on the tablet, save as SVG and import that SVG into Pre-Design Studio IV. Then use one of the available export functions.

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$199 + Free Shipping

Pre-Design Studio IV Drawing Software

​The easy vector drawing program for embroiderers and longarm quilters.

Pre-Design Studio is a vector drawing program. You can create the perfect line-art to use in your embroidery digitizing program (any brand) or draw quilting patterns, motifs, and pantos for longarm quilt systems. Pre-Design Studio IV is also a big help in garment pattern drafting.

Draw from scratch or open a background image to trace. Take a drawing tool and click from point to point, right-click to finish. Lines can be edited by selecting and moving points. The result can be exported as a bitmap with clean smooth lines and solid colors (to use in embroidery software), as vector EMF, WMF, exported in 7 formats for computerized longarm systems, or export to PEM format and open in Design Center. You can even convert your quilt patterns, redwork and applique. Or print the pattern at actual size: great to create your own panto rolls, quilt stencils and garmet patterns. You can use your designs in many ways:

Artistitch Programs